Having been in natural medicine for almost 30 years now, I am building information resources to help guide you. The ebooks and plans are all based on protocols that worked for patients in-clinic successfully for years and extensive research during that time. There are three main sections of stuff for you:

Plans & Factsheets,

TrulyGlutenFree stuff and lots of lovely


The most popular ones are the Adrenal Plan, Candida Plan, Gluten Plan, Healing Plan, Gut Plan and Lose Your Belly Fat! Have a look and I hope you find what you need. If not, you can guarantee I’m working on it!

The Health A-Z is full of free practical, useable information you can follow that will truly help. (I am currently reviewing and moving them over from the main website here so check there for now, thanks!)

And there are over 300 recipes on the Pinterest boards now too.

These resources will save you a ton of time, wrong paths and money, trust me.

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