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Please note I am no longer taking cases or patients on - please don't ask me as it hurts to say no! There are lots of other ways I can usually help though...

Many people send me questions by email and I'm more than happy to give some guidance. If you have a question, you can use the Ask Micki service. Just email me with your question and I'll send back a considered response telling you my thoughts, where to start investigating, what to do next etc. Obviously, I can't go into major depth, but you'd be surprised how much useful stuff I can type in the time! If I think your query needs more time, I may ask you to book a couple of sessions. This is not for case work so please don't expect me to know about your case or remember something I said previously, this is to get my opinion or thoughts on a specific issue vexing you. If you're not sure, just email me anyway and, if I know I will need to think about it, I'll ask you to book an Ask Micki session or two.

You can book a Test Report if you've had some tests done through me (or someone else) and you need someone to give their thoughts on them. Max 3 results please. Once paid-for, send me an email and attach the results and a bit of background about why you tested, what you were looking for and a brief bit of case history so I can put them into context. If I need more info, don't worry; I'll ask. I will then email my thoughts to you with specific guidelines about what to do about them. If your tests are really comprehensive or complex ones (eg. an FDX03/Nutreval etc,) I may need more time; I'll advise you before I start. Meantime, you can see a sample Test Report here so you know what to expect.

Does it help?

Check the testimonials page on the main clinic site, but here are a few comments for you to start you off. They seem to think so 🙂

Your info and insight is so helpful and you’ve touched on things in just a few emails that others haven’t in multiple sessions. (S, after a couple of Ask Mickis, May 20)

Thanks for emailing your support so quickly!… And the below [my response] is why I keep coming back to you! (G, re Test Report, May 20)

As ever you are amazing! Thank you Micki. (C, re Ask Micki, May 20)

You probably won’t remember me. You helped me back to health around 4 years ago. I had awful gastritis, gluten and dairy problems and you sorted me out! Thank you! (L, back in touch to help someone else, May 20).

…your service of ‘Ask Micki’ is fantastic for people trying to navigate their own health.” (S ,May 20)

I wish I had done this several years ago. Your service really helps so thank you so much.

Thank you, you've given me more help in 15 minutes than my doctors have for years!

This was extremely informative. For once I seem to have an understanding of what is causing all my problems. ....she then guided me towards how to test for this, and how to go about improving it. Very, very useful.

Also (!) I just wanted to say THANK YOU, I've had a terrible experience with my GP(s). You provide a vital service, a lot of people would be very ill without your help, you can't be praised highly enough!

Thank you so much, that's really helpful and makes a lot of sense. I didn't know where to start.

Thanks so much for your generous time today. Was very helpful. I'm so grateful.

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your time and Input yesterday. It all made a lot of sense. …So much to think on and read but very, very interesting and important. I feel so relieved to have found a kindred spirit. Thank you!

Apart from the masses of extremely helpful information and advice you gave me, I was also given hope and encouragement by your obvious success in dealing with your own dietary issues.

I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure working with you and I'm very grateful for all the help you've given me with my problems.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear!

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