I am a fully-qualified and experienced medical nutritionist. I have done an awful lot of patient-testing in my time and this test service has evolved to help people taking responsibility for their own health access the tests they need. It’s essentially a virtual facilitation and support service.

Of course, you should be working with your chosen practitioners and discussing results and strategies with them, but I will give my two-penn’orth if you need it.

If you’re stuck, I would rather you got the right test done to get the answers you need to get well, so email or live chat me for advice; I’ll be happy to guide you

Testing could be anything from seeing if you have a candida or other gut problem, looking for food allergies, how your adrenals, thyroid or hormones are doing, even if your liver is detoxifying chemicals effectively. You might want to know whether you’re in tip top condition to start trying for a baby, what your nutrient levels are like, if you have the gluten illness genes, what your brain neurotransmitters are up to, or look for clues why you might be losing your hair, feel fatigued or anxious, maybe.

We use only the best specialist labs in the UK, Germany and the US. Bear in mind, we can do literally thousands of tests, but I have worked hard to choose what I think are currently the most effective, good value tests in each health area. Everything is listed with overviews, resources, recommendations etc on the shop. If you can’t find what you need, just ask and we are bound to have access to one through one of the different labs we work with. I can’t list everything because it just gets really confusing for people and the shop would be enormous!

If you’re not sure what lab test you need, take a look at the Plans and A-Z Health Conditions sections on this site, which will give you some ideas of relevant tests.

Please start by reading the full Test FAQ to see how the testing process works and the relevant test pages on the shop site where I have answered as many questions as I can for you. It is all done online and postally to make life easier for those who don’t live nearby. Note that some, but not all tests, are available to Europe.