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TrulyGlutenFree Supplements Master List

Last update: March 20

If you can afford to, please donate £5 here to help us keep this TGF work going: Bless your cotton socks x


This 70 page ebook is absolutely vital if you are grain-sensitive, especially to corn. The supplements we take are often part of the reason we don't get as well as we should - because they contain ingredients derived from grains. They may not look like they come from grains, but they do - and it causes grain-sensitives a real problem as even the tiniest bit used in processing can cause symptoms and certainly scupper healing. I found this in my own case and there started the never-ending process of finding truly grain and dairy free supplements! It really is a minefield - we have even had to educate manufacturers many times on how the ingredients in their products are made! Christine (my specialist TGF supplement assistant) and I spend an awful lot of time trying to raise awareness of this hidden problem and trying to find 'safer' supplements that will actually help rather than harm you. I have lost count of the number of times people have thanked us profusely for this work, saving them time, money and suffering. Do yourself a favour and use the hard work we've done - and keep doing - for you.

It's our free gift to the sensitives among us as we know how much damage taking the wrong stuff can do. In return, please use the links and suppliers in the book to give us some commission. It doesn't cost you any more, but it gives me a bit of commission that then helps me pay for Christine's assistance and all the time we spend researching, badgering suppliers and updating it for you. If you can afford to, please donate £5 here to help us keep it going: Bless your cotton socks x

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