Mind-Body Medicine

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Mind-Body Medicine

Here is all the stuff to help support your physical healing. My approach nowadays to any illness is to combine functional medicine and mind-body medicine. You simply get better and lasting results instead of transient improvements and sometimes, if you can't get into the body physically, you have to go in with the mind-body stuff first, as I did. So, I'm building a section here for you so you can find some of my key recommended books, audios, DVDs and programmes etc, many of them mentioned in the 8 Step Healing Plan.

Some of the items have Amazon links. These are affiliate links as I make a tiny bit on them to help me keep all the research, writing and freebies going, so hope that is OK - we all appreciate your support, thank you :).

I'll put more things on here as I come across them. I truly hope they help.

Don't underestimate this kind of stuff; it is life-changing 🙂