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I was SO chuffed to find this range, made by Lindsey at Akamuti! (If you're wondering, Akamuti is an African word meaning 'Little Tree' and also 'A Little Bit of Medicine' - showing that Africans rate trees as medicine. Neat.

Every product we make is handcrafted from start to finish from individual ingredients by real people (not machines!) We start off with chunks of beeswax; slabs of tree butters; loose herbs, barks, resins and flowers; jugs of golden oils and aromatic distillates. We then infuse, filter, melt, pour, strain, mix and stir to create beautiful creams, moisturisers and butters for you to enjoy at their best. Absolutely no preservatives or nasties are added at any stage! Everything is made in small batches to ensure you receive your products as fresh as possible, with as much shelf life as possible.

This range has the first actual cream-type TGF safe moisturisers I have come across (including an essential oil free unscented one) rather than the solid block or liquid oil types - the holy grail for me! They have a pretty big range of stuff safe for us - which makes a very pleasant change. Try the flower waters (including frankincense), oils with the usual ones and some more exotics such as the anti-histamine moringa and very healing baobob, beautiful soaps, powder shampoos and butter conditioners, hand and foot creams and even a lip balm! At last 🙂

I asked if there was any risk of cross-contamination, of course: "No, every product is made separately and in a contained manner."

Note: most is TGF safe but not quite everything. Avoid anything that says Vitamin C or citric acid (that's mainly the bath milks and liquid soaps, except the black soap ones). Witch hazel and some extracts like grapefruit seed contain grain alcohol and Tummy Butter has wheatgerm oil - as does the wheatgerm oil! Use due diligence to make sure as things do change all the time as you know! Also, Akamuti has changed its packaging recently to become plastic-free. Whilst commendable, that does mean they are putting some products into lined aluminium tins. There is a possibility that the linings could contain corn and that could potentially leach into the product. I think most people will be perfectly fine, but mention it in case.

Have fun: Akamuti Face, Body and Hair Care


I am loving their sweet orange face cleanser, which you leave on for 5 mins and leaves your skin really soft and smooth.

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