I have written several free and paid-for books, all of which you can see on the shop.

My latest books are designed to help people with chronic illness.

HP edition 2  The Healing Plan

This second edition of The Healing Plan is now published by Berrydales Books (yay!) and is available on Amazon here. This offers a new approach for people whose illness doesn’t seem to be responding to normal treatments. I particularly had these types of conditions in mind:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sensitivity to foods, chemicals, life!
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic pain especially head pain, muscular and PMS or
  • Stress and trauma-triggered illness (childhood often triggers physical ‘syndrome’ or pain illnesses late 30s/40s, or adult stress just before illness started)

I used it myself to get well and now have the pleasure of seeing others do the same.

Learn more about The Healing Plan.


Gluten Plan 3DThe Gluten Plan

This was originally designed to help people identify if they have a gluten- or grain-related illness (not necessarily coeliac disease), how to test for it and how to treat it.

It has morphed into a treatise on chronic illness generally and contains my research, advice, testing and supplement protocols on many factors that may need to be addressed to get well, be that detoxification blockage, leaky gut, malabsorption, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, multiple sensitivity or autoimmune disease, to name a few!

Learn more about The Gluten Plan.

Other really popular books include:

  • The Adrenal Plan (the top seller!)
  • The Candida Plan
  • The Gut Plan
  • The Belly Fat Plan
  • Allergy 101 (free)

You can see all of them here.

I hope they help!

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