1 in 5 Men Will Die Before 65! Why?

That’s a shocker, isn’t it? Especially as P just celebrated his 61st birthday last week, eek!

Men are dying needlessly young. One man in five dies before the age of 65 (and 40% of men die before the age of 75).

Why? Because three-quarters of premature deaths from heart disease are male, three-quarters of suicides are male and men are 43% more likely to die from cancer.

Men’s Health Forum

I don’t mean to be so depressing, but we really need to be doing something here. In short, I ask that men get a good MOT done preferably well before they are 60 – I always say 45 onwards. Your doctor can do a lot of this, but if you can afford it, I would suggest the Man Ultra test from FDX. Quite brilliant and every time I have done it, we have found something quite crucial to work on.

SO SIMPLE, YET SO CRUCIAL. True preventative medicine.

Of course, not everyone can afford to do that and money, and the lack of it, has its own impact:

The case is clear: we need look no further than male life-expectancy.

male-life expectancy in the Bloomfield ward of Blackpool in north-west England is 68.2 years

male-life expectancy in the Warfield ward of Bracknell Forest in south-east England is 90.3 years.

That is a gap of 22 years. There is no genetic difference between men in the north-west and men in the south-east of England. If those in the most deprived areas had access to the same health resources as those in the least deprived, there is no reason why most men in the UK shouldn’t live to 90 years or more.

Again, shocking. Men’s Health Forum are calling upon the government to put a strategy in place to end this type of inequality of healthcare, much as they have announced for women. Some countries (Ireland, Australia) and even UK cities (Leeds) are taking action already to offer better ‘gender-informed’ healthcare.

The beauty of testing and checking health in good time is your ability to reverse and offset anything that shows up as a risk or something ‘building’ as I call it. There is usually much you can do if you catch it early enough.

You can read more about the Man Ultra test here and purchase it via the shop here (it’s practitioner-only).

For more on Heart Disease, see my Heart Disease Factsheet. (Please don’t rely on GP cholesterol results here!)

For more on cancer, see my Men’s Health Factsheet and the Cancer Factsheet.

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