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As promised, from today, I am offering a new email Support package for you. Over January, I took a few cases on, tested the systems etc and I’ve now tweaked it, taking into account what I thought helped you and me best.

In short, I tried using a new patient system, doing forms, product protocols and the like, but actually you – and me – preferred the old system of me just emailing my thoughts and suggestions to you as links. Nice and simple. We don’t need to complicate things.

I discovered I don’t like relying on forms and much prefer to use your case ‘story’ to gain clues. In fact, I found that I had picked up all the clues in the case narrative and didn’t actually get much more from the forms anyway. They take a lot to complete, I know, so if we don’t get a lot more from them, I’m not going to make you spend that time wastefully, you know!

I am aware most practitioners use pre-consultation forms, but it just ain’t me. I’ve tried before. My head just works differently clearly; I like to make pictures in my head as I go along and clinical experience helps me come to the core of a case pretty quickly now, yay!

Some forms, like my new MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) one, or the brain regions or neurotransmitters forms can still be useful in specific cases, so I’ll continue to use those as and when. And when I can’t find enough clues, maybe!

I found, generally, that it takes me at least two hours to complete a case review and write my email suggestions and thoughts up, sometimes much, much longer. I charge out at £95/hour – still! – despite my level of experience, so I’ve allocated two hours for a case review now and charged accordingly. It was £95, but that was woefully low for the amount of time it takes, and it now includes a couple of clarification emails afterwards too. I won’t rush it, because that just doesn’t help you or me!

I added in separate Reviews, but I am finding that some people clearly need more email support generally, and I have been asked to provide a mechanism where people can email me as and when they need to without feeling like they are hassling me and without waiting weeks or months for a review. Fair enough.

So, I’ve added my old ‘charging like a solicitor’ thing back that used to work really well years ago: the 60 Minute Email Support package. With this, you pay for an hour’s email time and, at the end of each email, I will let you know where we’re up to (eg. 39 minutes remaining). I think and type fast so this is a good mechanism if you need me frequently or would rather have payment ‘in the bank’ for when you do.

The ever-popular Ask Micki and Test Reports are, of course, still available, too.

So, here’s the blurb from the Support page for you. We’ll see how this evolves over the next few weeks and months. Any comments/suggestions, do share, of course.

Email Support: Micki, Clinical Director

I am now offering email support again due to popular demand! I charge out generally at £95 per hour – at least a third of what I should be charging; it is important to me that people can get the support they need without paying huge amounts.

If you have a question on your test results or you’re not sure where to start with something, book an Ask Micki here, then email me your question at I’ll get back to you asap. I’m usually pretty quick :)

If you need me to analyse your test results and give you some recommendations on what to do next, book a Test Report. (Max 3 results pls. If you have more, just send them but I may ask for more time to be paid for). Email me your results and some brief background about why you were testing/what you are looking for. I will email you any questions/the report and my suggestions when ready with links to tests, products etc as necessary. Give me a few days. I don’t mind a couple of questions after a report, but please use Ask Mickis after that.

If you need me to take a good, hard look at your case because you’re not sure where to start, go next, have plateaued, lost the will to live with it, book a Case Review. Once booked, email me some background to – start with the current situation and symptoms, diet inc. whether you eating dairy, gluten, grains – and then continue with some history, what’s helped, what hasn’t, what you or others think is going on etc. Bear in mind, you are paying for experience and my thoughts here, not time or word count. My forte, after 30 years, is in seeing the whole picture and identifying what may have been missed. We’ll probably email back and forth for a bit if I need more info. I’ll then email you my thoughts and suggestions when ready with links to stuff, products, tests etc as necessary. Give me a week or so on this one. I don’t mind a couple of questions after a report, but please use the 60 Min Email Support or Ask Mickis after that.

You can use this Case Review as a one-off to help you with strategy. If you want support after this, just book a Progress Review when you feel ready.

Many of you have said you want to be able to email me with questions as and when you need me/in between appointments or whatever and not feel like you are hassling me! I hear you. Book a 60 minute Email Support and then I will let you know at the bottom of each email how much time we have used up (eg. 47 mins remaining). Once we’ve used up the 60 mins, I’ll advise you and you can book some more time if you need to or come back when/if you need some more. I did this for years – charging for time used as we went along – and it always worked great, so I’ve reinstated it for you. I think and type fast, so this can work well for people who need reassurance/hand-holding/don’t need an appointment per se.

“Yes, all this helps, I am so glad to have found you, this is exactly what I was looking for, I am very grateful, thank you!” Jan 22 (after Case Review)

Why Email?

Email consults are cheaper to administer and enable me to keep my prices as low as possible. After almost 30 years’ experience in natural medicine, I could be charging at least double, but it’s important to me that people can afford help from private consultants like me when they need it.

I find email often the best way to deal with cases, actually, because we both have a written record of what’s been said to refer back to – I help a lot of people with brain fog – it ensures better understanding and compliance, you don’t have to take time off to attend anything and, importantly, many of my hypersensitivity patients are best in their own controlled environments and may be too poorly on a specified time for their appointments; its stressful trying to keep well for them. I know, I am a chronic MCAS case myself, and my wish is that I can prevent you from getting that far down the hypersensitivity rabbit hole! Plus, email means I can send you links to any resources more easily.

See testimonials here if you want to check me out!

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