Eczema on the Unmentionable Areas

I come across this quite a lot in patients – but never in the first consultation as people are too embarrassed by it, which is a shame. I’ll leave it to our friend Ruth at What Allergy to explain as she’s done a great piece about it (see below).

The only thing I’d add is that I often get people to use Anthisan – an antihistamine cream – if the problem is external. It either works or it doesn’t. If it does, it confirms it is an allergic reaction to something – food, chemicals or whatever – so hunt for the trigger(s). I find it is food – especially gluten and corn – mostly. If it doesn’t help, think fungal or inflammation and treat accordingly. Traumeel cream can help as can Rescue cream. I often advise plain coconut oil to moisturise as it is nice and plain but also antifungal/antibacterial.

Eczema of the Genitals

Finally, think emotional causes too. I know that sounds odd, but there is a link in some people to shame, I’ve found. Are you ashamed of something, don’t like your bits for some reason, have been shamed in some way? Can you trace it back to a stressful event? Deal with the residue of that with an appropriate therapist and you might find your eczema disappears with the emotion. Just sayin’ in case.

Hope it helps this incredibly itchy, horrid condition, and thanks, Ruth, for writing about it.

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