Covid Factsheet Update.

Just to let you know, Christine and I have researched the latest med approved for Covid patients, Sotrovimab, and I’ve added it to the free Covid factsheet for you. Here’s what’s been added, and you can download the whole 50 page factsheet here.


This has been approved for mild to moderate Covid patients at risk of developing severe disease. The Patient Information Leaflet is here.

The medicine will be made up into a solution and given to you by a drip (infusion) into a vein by a healthcare professional. It takes 30 minutes to give you the full dose of medicine. You will be monitored during and after your treatment is given.

The instructions for the Healthcare professional advise the use of sodium or dextrose solution to administer the drug. TGF people would need to avoid dextrose, which comes from corn.


  • The active substance is sotrovimab. Each vial contains 500 mg of sotrovimab in 8 mL concentrate.

The other ingredients are histidine, histidine monohydrochloride, sucrose, polysorbate 80, methionine and water for injections. This is similar, apart from the methionine, to the AZ vaccine. Methionine is a sulphur amino acid, so may not suit people with sulphur issues. The sucrose and polysorbate 80 could be from corn, but are probably okay for most people.

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