TGF Grain Free, Dairy Free Candida Plan Updated 2021!

Just to let you know that Christine and I have now finished updating all the links, protocols and advice in the TrulyGlutenFree version of the Candida Plan and I’ve just uploaded the new one for you.

I try to produce a grain free, dairy free version of all my main plans for you. You can see all the TGF ebooks and resources here.

The Candida Plan is particularly important for gluten-sensitives as candida itself and yeast can cross-react with gluten, so the body still things you are ingesting gluten and reacts as if it has!

The Candida Plan works for candida but, minus the diet, is an excellent all-round infection plan too. I often give it to people who have had something else show up on their gut test results.

My fave gut test is the DD GI360, not least because it gives you an idea of what anti-bacterials to use against any infections found. I get people to add/rotate the recommended antibacterials with the grapeseed extract in the Candida Plan. Works a treat. I chose grapeseed extract as the main antifungal in stage 2 (the killing stage), by the way, because it comes up time and time again as killing the most ‘baddies’ in vitro.


This is the TrulyGlutenFree version so protocols, diet etc are grain and dairy free.

How to test and treat candida, this 36 page ebook is based on the 12 week clinic protocol I have used for patients for over a decade, and it has rarely ever let me down.

Includes the best candida tests, candida diet, detailed and product-specific supplement protocol, relapse and therapy failure checklist, hygiene guidelines to avoid re-infection, full product guide and how to get support.

It works also as a general Infection Plan too. I often give it minus the diet for bacterial and parasitic infections and may suggest a couple of tweaks in your test results email depending on what baddies have shown up.

Note: Order the standard Candida Plan if you don’t need TGF.


Welcome and Housekeeping

IntroductionBest Tests

What Are Fungi and Moulds?The Candida Diet

The Candida Protocol
Preparation (Stage 1)
Anti-Fungal (Stage 2)
Repair & Maintenance

Candida HygieneTherapy Failure & Relapse Checklist

Getting Support

You can read more about the Candida Plan here.

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