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I’ve been looking for a good personalised gut test and customised formula for you for ages. As our knowledge grows about the different strains of bacteria in our guts, simple probiotics are becoming more and more outdated. That said, I’ve yet to see a person not improve by just giving the two most beneficial bacteria: acidophilus and bifidobacteria, so that’s still a viable approach. See more on my Probiotics factsheet here.

However, wouldn’t it be much better if we could analyse our guts properly, do a whole genome sequence on it and then come up with a customised formula and diet to correct any issues?

Yep. It would.

And now I’m pleased to say we can do that, and via a company I have looked into at great length, pummelling them with awkward questions as usual, and trust will do a good job of it. I think some of the early ones weren’t quite there so I held off, but have now just listed Flore, a test and personalised gut formula from Sun Genomics.

The reason I was looking for this is because in a lot of people, it’s difficult to get into the body to get some repair and healing work done, especially if they can’t tolerate the usual approaches. And, as the saying across the whole of natural medicine goes, it all starts with the gut. My premise is that if we can start to correct the gut and the microbiome specifically, we should start to become less sensitive to things and more able to heal.

In this approach, we can test, treat in a very targeted way with allergen-free formulas customised to the test results, re-test and tweak every 3-4 months. That seems to me to be a great approach that will reap great rewards! I would imagine even doing this once will help a lot, but best results would probably come from doing an initial 6-12 months’ work and then once a year to get a customised formula to keep the microbiome in good shape. You can get your customised formula re-made as many times as you like without buying a re-test.

Here’s the blurb for you from the Gut Tests page.

Microbiome & Personalised Gut Formulas

The Flore Test analyses your gut microbiome for bacteria, fungi, yeasts and parasites based on US, UK and European gut data, depending on where you are from. There are kits for adults, teens, tots and babies. You then get a detailed report about what’s been found, plus dietary recommendations on how to correct imbalances in your gut.

The in-house lab then formulates a personalised gut formula containing a mix of probiotics, prebiotics, botanicals and enzymes, depending on your needs. They choose from over 120 different strains and botanicals to blend your customised one-a-day formula.

They send you the report and 90 days worth of the formula, then another test kit a few weeks in and a reformulated supply based on your new results. This is a kind of subscription service that you can do as long as you like or can cancel easily at any time.

The reason I chose this is because you do a questionnaire beforehand and you can state any sensitivities or diet issues you have eg. TGF, Grain free etc and they will make sure the formula complies, usually by giving you a customised lypholised powder rather than capsules and leaving out any prebiotics, herbs etc. They seem to be very switched on to sensitivities and don’t use any excipients, fillers etc and are open to reformulating if you react to anything. 

Click here for more info. You can use my code 4Y2AE7 to get discounted prices.

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