FDX Man Ultra Test

Just done my first results for this new test from FDX. Whoa! SO worth doing! Not cheap by any means, but it checks a LOT of things and those are then analysed algorithmically to produce a report. I couldn’t resist making it available for you.

It is SO important in terms of preventative medicine. If I could, I’d mandate that everyone had to have an FDX test done at least once every 2 years. You would pick up a lot of clues and be able to head much of it off, trust me! You’d likely have a longer, healthier life, and that’s what we’re all aiming for isn’t it?

In the test report – pages and pages of it – you get several summary graphs at the start and then all the data on each marker below. I love this graph best as it gives you your priorities..

Then, you take one of the issues mentioned and dig down into the actual markers. For example, here is the hormone section, which shows low progesterone and high oestrogen, therefore oestrogen dominance. It would not be surprising to see an elevated PSA marker then, and indeed that shows up as slightly elevated, hence above the graph tells you one of the main things that needs attention is Prostate Dysfunction.

Only slightly elevated, but if you take it in context with all the other markers, it is the body telling you to sort that oestrogen level out, increase your zinc and magnesium (both low) and bring that PSA level back down. (Oestrogen Dominance factsheet here, by the way, if you need it). Interestingly, testosterone is low so it is not a testosterone problem. In fact, this person is likely to feel tired and be losing muscle maybe.

For other markers, it picked up all this:

Metabolic syndrome pattern, low Vit D, low RBC Magnesium, low folate, low zinc, possible bacterial infection (likely H pylori), likely need for calcium and thiamine (B1), low protein (the testosterone?), high aluminium, lipoprotein imbalance, high ferritin, high fasting blood glucose, high homocysteine, high hs CRP (inflammation), high eosinophils (poss allergy or parasite – h. pylori?) and more besides.

The trick is to take each 100% issue noted and work through them to sort them out.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you a great test, with a very useful, easy to follow report. The standard FDX Ultra is one of my real favourites for the sheer amount of info it gives you – and the practical use you can make of it. I hate tests that don’t give you stuff you can actually work on!

I’ve listed the extended Man and Femme Ultra FDX tests too for you so you can also get more specific gender-based information.

Follow the links I’ve given on the test page here to find out more about each one.

I think I feel my next test video coming on; I’ll try and take you through it…!

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