2021: Here We Go! Annual Update and What’s Coming Next…?

Sorry I’m a bit late with my usual new year update this time; the reasons will become clear later on. I avoided saying ‘happy’ new year because it’s hardly been very happy, has it? What a year already. Anyway, I know you like it when I go through what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up next for your delectation in Purehealth world, so here we go.

Normally, I would set out what’s going on with work and personal stuff in different sections for you. But this time, they are very enmeshed, as you’ll see. Do stay ’til the end where I have a nice new surprise for you!

Changing my way of working

In my last two updates Test Service in August and Clinic Changes in September, I explained that I was changing the test service so that I wasn’t so embroiled in admin and then that I was switching from so much clinic work to more a more educator/communicator role.

The main reason for cutting back on the clinic work was, as I explained at the time, partly because I felt the sad stories of chronic illness I was encountering several times a day were, I suspected, triggering my PTSD and hampering my chances of getting fully well. Well, just three days after stopping all the emails, live chats, test reports, Ask Mickis etc etc, I felt a LOT better. Suddenly, my self-care instinct kicked in and I started looking after myself a bit more instead of everyone else!

As a result, my migraines stopped for 3 months and I became a lot less reactive to foods, managing to gain a lot more back in. Ah. My suspicion – and a lot of people’s advice telling me to cut back and give my subconscious a rest – had been right then.

So, what to do next? I suspect the COVID situation had exacerbated the PTSD and the stress levels of that and moving had tipped my histamine bucket over the top, if you like, and by reducing other stresses ie. work, the histamine level reduced and I became less reactive.

In other words: for once, I followed my own advice. And it worked.

The migraines have been showing up again since December a bit more. I think, like everyone else, I have been stressed by the COVID variant situation and watching the numbers increase, plus business has plummeted again, which is stressful in its own right.

Getting more vitamin sea

Imagine me on that bench having a break between emails!

We had returned to Warwickshire, if you recall, and had moved into Park Hall, a beautiful Queen Anne mansion, where we found a small, but perfectly-formed flat. The plan of moving back to the Midlands to spend more time with family had been somewhat thwarted by Covid – understatement of the year. So, instead of sitting there feeling lonely and sad at the loss of our seaside house with nothing really to show for having given it up, we decided to organise a long-let back in Looe and have been living here again since before the second lockdown!

Lovely Looe

P bought a second voice booth and I shifted all my papers and equipment to a flat on the other side of the bay where I sit most days at my desk looking out to sea. We’ve been nowhere and seen no-one, being very good isolators, content to walk by the sea every day or sit and stare at it. So lucky, and I’m so glad we did it.

New test service, updates, you tube channel etc etc

Whilst all this has been going on, I have been very busy setting up new stuff for us. I reviewed all of the tests on the shop and then wrote 18 new test guides with a new system for you to order using the links on the test pages. You can see all of those here. That seems to be working well, you tell me.

I have put some tests on the Purehealth shop still for you – ones I think we shouldn’t be without – some of the Genova favourites like the Adrenal and Thyroid tests, ONE and Nutreval, plus some of the cheaper hormone tests like Rhythm. I know you missed them as you told me, and I listened! I’ve also just added the Ask Micki service back on for if you have any queries on which tests you might need or queries on your results.

I also started – very bravely, I thought! – a new Purehealth You Tube channel, making test guides to help with choosing tests and interpreting test results. Of course, I picked two of the most complex tests to start with – the GI360 gut test and the DUTCH hormone test – and that mushroomed into each needing a written guide to go with the videos! Those took ages, but have already been proving very useful, so you tell me, so it was worth it!

I also started some Ask Micki videos – the first about long Covid and the second about controlling anxiety – both very needed at the moment, I thought.

You can see the You Tube channel here, the gut test guide and hormone test guide here.

I hope you liked them all. Bear with me as I learn and get better! So far, I’ve had 600 views and got 29 subscribers. I know that’s small-fry to some, but I’m quite pleased with that. I just have to pluck up some courage now to do more!

Christine and I have started reviewing the main ebooks, checking they are up to date research-wise, the protocols are correct, making sure links all work etc. Not an easy task! We have so far completed the Adrenal Plan and almost finished the TGF Adrenal Plan. I updated the Belly Fat Plan as I know you always want it at new year – and subscribers are getting it free next week so sign up if you haven’t already.

On top of all that, I wrote 135 blog posts during the year and 32,000 visitors used the Purehealth site in some way, which is great. I had over 8,000 people visit the shop but people were not buying unsurprisingly, thanks to COVID. I processed 631 orders during the year, and my revenue dropped by more than 50%, eek! In fact, the last 3 months I made a loss – which is the first time ever since I started Purehealth in 2000. A bit scary.

So, what’s coming next…?

Since it’s been a lot quieter the last few lockdown months, I’ve had a chance to think about what to do next. In the spirit of my new mission to create life-changing resources and get those messages out more effectively, I am working on overhauling how and what I communicate most.

I had decided to write some more books, but to be honest, they take a HUGE amount of time and take me right away from people and into my own head whilst I’m writing them. I think I don’t need that right now, to be honest, and I think it would be more effective getting more bite-sized, practical support out to everyone. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that small changes we can make to our lifestyles, diet and immune systems are going to stand us in very good stead over the next few decades! It’s taught me how the basics are still not right for many, many people, and what an effect getting those basic tenets of health known and implemented properly across more of society could have.

laptop notebook working internet
Nice nail varnish!

So, instead of books that will help the odd person here or there, I am working on building the blogs, newsletters, article-writing and social media up better this year. I can reach many more people that way with hopefully life-changing stuff that can really help a lot of people rather than a few. I have 6000-odd of you following me in some way or another currently and I feel I should be looking after you more, and getting those messages out to even more of you.

Anything you can do to help share what I put out there would be great, by the way. Thank you. I sort of see it as our Purehealth community project!

With all this in mind, I’ve been busy learning new systems. I’ve switched to Mailerlite from Mailchimp for the newsletters and am practicing how to design and send them better. I’m studying how to use Instagram, a new one on me and not that intuitive, I have to say! I’ve been setting up social media systems to help me better cope with all the accounts we have (15 in total, 7 currently active on) and much more. I hope to be more consistent on them instead of erratic!

Switching negative to positive

I’ve also had a good think about what kind of things I want to talk about and what you might need too. I think we’ve had more than enough negativity, what with COVID, Brexit, the Black Lives Matter and Trump goings-on across the pond with our US friends. I don’t know about you but I’ve been longing for a return of Trevor McDonut’s old ‘And finally’ slot on the news where they used to end with something funny or uplifting! I think we desperately need more positivity, comfort and, dare I say it, prettyness, in our lives!

So, alongside the Purehealth topics, which will focus more on preventative and lifestyle medicine rather than too much chronic illness this year, I have decided to set up a separate ‘vehicle’ to spread a little happiness as well.

Silverwhitewinters – the happiness project

I woke on the day of the Winter solstice – 21 December – with a fully-formed blog idea in my head. It’s a day for change, so I took the hint, got up and started creating and writing it. I’ve called it silverwhitewinters: a lifestyle and culture blog.

I often find myself wanting to share stuff with you that doesn’t fit within Purehealth or TrulyGlutenFree. I am passionate about a lot of things as well as natural medicine: funny and inspiring stories, books, TV, films, music, theatre, animals, nature, sustainable living, eco-houses, beautiful and calming people, places, travel, minimalist, chic house stuff, dahlias, flowers, feng shui, writing, crafts, gadgets, and more. As I explain on the blog:

If it’s beautiful, calming, interesting, inspiring, funny or wondrous without spoiling our stunning planet, toxifying us or dissing someone, I’m bound to like it. I hope you do, too. 

Silverwhitewinters comes from a line in The Sound of Music song My Favourite Things, and that’s essentially what I’m going to be writing about and sharing: my favourite things. I’ve put a few posts on the blog so far to give you an idea. I’m just working on a gadget review of a blender for you, a music playlist for Winter and the first newsletter, which will include a lot of stuff not on the blog, so do sign up. Exciting.

What is it I’ve been saying for years now: neurons that fire together, wire together. In other words: the more you focus on something, the more you become that same thing. That’s what I think has happened largely to me as I’ve focused on illness and specifically food sensitivity as my specialism for so long. Student doctors are known for getting so-called ‘second year syndrome’ where they have the symptoms of what they are studying, for example!

Maybe there’s an element of that going on with you, too? Are you focusing too much on the illness, on forums discussing it, research alerts constantly in your inbox? Possibly. I can’t blame you. Everyone does it. I certainly do.

As I say, letting go a bit has helped me. I don’t want to be responsible for more of that for you, if you know what I mean. I want to give us an excuse to be exposed to more happy stuff, and I want our happy neural pathways to grow strong. That, as we’ve learned during this annus horribilis, is one of the basic tenets of health. Stress causes immune suppression. Focusing on negativity causes negative bias and stress.

So, let’s do the opposite.

Are you with me?

Please go and have a look at the silverwhitewinters site, follow me on the SWW social media and subscribe to the newsletter if it’s something you fancy. I’ve written a fab – though I say it myself – welcome mystery email series for you to start you off, too. Have a go, and let me know how you get on. Any feedback very welcome, as always. I’ve had fun setting it up and feel myself relaxing more already. I hope it does that for you too. Please do encourage anyone else you think could do with being a bit more in their ‘happy place’ to sign up and follow too.

pink flowers on trees
Looking forward to spring!

So, I hope you enjoyed my little round-up of 2020 and what’s coming up next. Never stand still, I say! Here’s to an ever-improving 2021 and to life finding some semblance of normal as soon as possible. Keep your chins up, be safe and happy.

Lots of love,

Micki x

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