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“We have been so drunk on the pleasures of the material world, so sold on an amoral view of economics and social policy, and so worshipful of the false god of short-term profit. Our entire economic system has been based not on loving one another but on exploiting one another, and not on stewarding the Earth but on raping it, all for the most rapacious goal of extracting whatever money we could. And there, in our collective iniquity, lies the root of our problems, as well as the beginning of their solution, should we have the courage to face it… America is down on its knees this time. But that’s not the bad news; it’s the good news. That’s ultimately not where things end, but where things begin again.”

There is much to take from this. American or not.

America’s Karma | Opinion Marianne Williamson

Having watched David Attenborough’s new Netflix A Life on Our Planet documentary last night, this quote in my Inbox this morning was very apposite. David – I feel the first person is appropriate as he feels like the Nation’s grandfather – describes his film as his ‘witness statement’ to us all. He sets out the issue – which I confess made me feel ashamed: humans have acted like a swarm of locusts stripping the natural world – but also makes some suggestions of what we MUST do to reverse the trend. All is not lost. Yet. The figures he quotes and the timelines are truly shocking.

In effect, we need to stop over-populating the planet (he suggests this is already happening naturally – and I do wonder if Mother Nature is using pandemics like the current one and the last few to take matters into her own hands!), stop eating so much meat (the land grab is just too costly) and re-wild the world (we need enough green spaces to regain the biodiversity on which we all depend.

Amen to that.

Do watch it. Please.

And take some action, if only to send it to your local MP and beg that they watch it. What is the one small thing we can do as individuals to help?

Have fewer meat or fish meals each week, or maybe have some vegan days?

Don’t tarmac your drive and incessantly mow your lawns, leave them for mini beasts instead?

Plant at least one tree, even a tiny version, if you have any garden?

Choose not to fly, stay local more and enjoy the beauty we have here – the pandemic is showing us the benefits of that one?

What will you do?

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