Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms – Brain Fog, Fatigue, Migraines & Anxiety – Not a Gut Symptom in Sight!

Most people – and physicians – think gluten illness stops at coeliac disease and problems with the gut. That is a BIG mistake.

Gluten related disorders including non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) are rife, certainly according to my clinical experience – and I must have tested at least 300 people by now for gluten reactivity. And the most common symptoms I’ve found: brain fog, migraine (or head pain of some kind), chronic fatigue, muscle pain and anxiety.

When any of those crop up, think gluten. But think NCGS, not just coeliac disease.

Also, don’t just think: wheat, rye and barley. Think dairy and grains, especially corn. Those are cross-reactive to gluten (ie. the body ‘recognises’ it is gluten in some people and reacts the same way). How many is ‘some people?’ It’s got to be knocking on for 50% in my experience.

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Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

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