Boost DHEA Levels For Improved Libido

A bit of a taboo subject still, but women and men often confide in me that their sexual desire and libido levels are dire, asking if there is anything they can do to get their mojo back.  Most often I recommend zinc – absolutely key – and check if they are feeling depressed (and not just about the lack of libido!). For women, I might also recommend a mix of the correct amino acids and herbs like damiana that I have seen have a really good effect (so much so I have received thank you letters!!). This kind of thing. For men, I will check testosterone levels – and raise DHEA so they can make more testosterone if it is low, as here.

Today I was reminded how important DHEA levels are for raising libido too. In this US piece, they are recommending straight DHEA, which is, in effect, a form of HRT for the androgens. I’ve often found that straight DHEA is just too strong for most people and use 7 keto-zyme instead so that your body can make what it needs rather than have an amount forced upon it. You can read much more about DHEA and how to boost it in the Adrenal Plan here.

Meantime, here’s the research piece for you too – note it is talking about women but, of course, DHEA is necessary for men to make testosterone and other androgens – the hormones often low in libido issues – so you can read this for men too.

DHEA supplementation associated with improved sexual function in women

I hope it helps, but maybe this time, no need to let me know 😉

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