Try This Too For Hayfever

Hot on the heels of my recent recommendation for Aller-Aid, here is another new product I think has potential to help those of us who suffer with hayfever or all-year-round rhinitis: Adrisin. It’s a mix of 18 synergistic remedies indicated for allergies. I asked ND who kindly said they would stock it for those of you who want to try it. You can combine it with Luffa and/or Euphorbium Nasal Spray.

Hope it makes you less sneezy 🙂

2 Replies to “Try This Too For Hayfever”

  1. Hi Micki, thanks for this research really helpful and I am going to try the sprays, just wondering with the Adrisin though, do they contains lactose? Thanks Deb

    1. I would imagine they might Debbie, which is why I did this under Purehealth and not TGF, sadly! If you check, can you pls come back and let me know – ta x

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