Brain Retraining – Why It Works

If we hear the word ‘sweet’ our taste sensor areas in the brain register ‘sweet’. If we hear the term ‘grasp’, our motor sensor areas activate. How fascinating is that? This is why I always say that the brain can’t tell the difference between an actual thought or belief and a real action. It is yet more evidence for the premise that what we choose to listen to, watch, say to ourselves etc is SO important, especially when it comes to healing, as I discuss in the Healing Plan.

Researchers have discovered that our brains are ‘touchy-feely’ and different physical portions of the brain activate in response to certain words. So, if you’re constantly telling yourself you are ‘tired’ or ‘ill’, your brain is acting upon that. This is why the brain retraining is so important if we want to get well. We have to make sure we surround ourselves with the right message and do our ‘stops’ when we hear ourselves tell ourselves the wrong thing. This takes massive effort and consistency to work, but it is a fact that you will then grow new neural pathways as your brain (and then body) start to believe you and enact that new truth. Not wishy-washy or woo-woo at all: pure science. I love it.

Read more about this in the Healing Plan

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  1. Do you still use the Silva Method visualizations? I’ve tried both DNRS and Joe Dispenza’s but I can’t stay consistent with them. Was considering Silva method based on reading about it in your Healing Plan – but first wanted to be sure you still recommend it.

    Did you buy the digital audio Silva Life System or go to a live event? I prefer not going to an event if at all possible.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Dara, I don’t use it now. I tend to do the TWR brain training more, but I should so more visualisations! I couldn’t get on with Dispenza, DNRS or Gupta, just not for me. The Silva helped me work out a system that worked for me, taught me how to visualise properly and then I moved on from it. It was useful for a time – and probably would be again if I did it! I did the digital version, couldn’t cope with an event although I think events have a greater effect so do consider it. Good luck with whatever you decide. By the way, please do leave me a review if you bought it on Amazon, thank you. It looks unloved 🙁

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