Cyrex 3 Gluten Test Expanded And Price Reduced!

The first-line gluten test I recommend is the Cyrex Array 3, which looks for the traditional gluten proteins (gliadin, 33 mer) and the coeliac transglutaminase (Ttg2), plus importantly a lot of other markers the mainstream tests miss – and which I find come up positive a lot!

In essence, we are doing a much more comprehensive coeliac and gluten related disorders test, looking for evidence of what type of gluten problem it is – is it wheat-sensitivity only, a problem with gliadin, has villi autoimmune damage already started, is it more likely non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, are other transglutaminases, namely 3 (skin) or 6 (neurological/general) affected, is gluten likely to affect moods and behaviour, is it a likely trigger for leaky gut?

That’s a lot of info from one test.

In a mainstream coeliac test, all you would find out is whether you are reacting to one specific gliadin peptdie (33 mer) and whether it has triggered an issue with transglutaminase 2, which is linked to villi damage. Hence me now asking people to go straight to Cyrex 3 or certainly challenge a negative mainstream test result if they still suspect a gluten issue, especially men who seem to have higher false negatives than women for some reason.

Anyway, happily, Cyrex 3 has just had four new markers added to it, which makes it even better. Even more happily, I have been able to reduce the cost for you by a very pleasing £45 – more markers for less money, yay 🙂

The lab explains the new markers as:

  • Non-Gluten Proteins (A and B) — May suggest involvement in the pathogenesis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and is often associated with triggers of allergic disorders.
  • Gliadin Toxic Peptides — A strong indicator of possible Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and other chronic inflammatory processes.
  • Microbial Transglutaminase — May send signals impacting brain and nervous system function, sometimes contributing to neurological disorders. Also, when found in gluten-free substitutes, may negate the effectiveness of a gluten-free diet in some patients.

You can see all the Cyrex tests here. Do read the Overview on that page too as it explains all about gluten testing and took me a long time to write 😉

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