Test Ordering Change: What Does £0.00 Mean?!

You will notice quite a few price changes on the shop from today – and a lot of them now come up as £0.00. This doesn’t mean I have managed to get them for free, sadly! Essentially, I have changed my agreements with the two key labs I work with and they will be taking the payment now (usually when you return samples) instead of me charging up front. There are a lot of reasons for the change I won’t bore you with; suffice to say my life will be a bit easier and you can still get your tests OK so: result 🙂

It does mean that some of the prices have changed. Sadly I can’t keep the discounts currently for Nutreval etc that I managed to get – we haven’t ordered enough of them to keep the agreement – but most of the price changes are down rather than up, whilst the vast majority haven’t changed. I will keep my eye on the levels of Nutreval etc and get the discount back if I can, of course.

Here’s the message I’ve put on the Test FAQ for you:

Update Feb ’15: Change in Order Process – £0.00 Prices!

Summary: order a £0.00 test and you pay the lab rather than me. Simples.

You will notice that some of tests now come up as £0.00. This does not mean they are free, sorry! I have changed the order process for some of the key labs to streamline a bit and cut my workload down! Tests from Regenerus (Cyrex, Doctor’s Data, ALCAT, Infectolab, Labrix, Spectracell etc) and Genova will now be listed at £0.00 with the recommended retail price on the page still so you can see how much it is (this is subject to change but they should be about right). 

You do your order which will come up as ‘No Payment Required’ (unless you are ordering other tests that aren’t zero of course, which you pay for as normal). I will place your order with the lab as usual and then the lab will send the test kit to you and arrange payment. You usually pay when you return your samples, but the lab will advise. Your results will come to me as usual and I will analyse and email for you as normal; it’s just the taking payment side that’s changed. Note: labs will reject samples or not release results until payment is made.

Hope that all makes sense and thank you for bearing with me. There are quite a few shop changes coming up because my shop server company has decided to do an upgrade – which usually means a bit of jiggery-pokery for a while so apologies in advance and thank you for your patience!

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