Donate Button

Very sweetly, a couple of you have asked if I can put a Donate button on somewhere so you can pay me for help I have given and not charged for. That is SO nice and much appreciated.

So, I have put one in the left hand column on the purehealthclinic site.

What sweeties I have in our Purehealth family, thank you :). I will be grinning all day.



2 Replies to “Donate Button”

  1. That is SOOOOOO spooky…I was only thinking of something similar as I stumbled across your post (August) about giving up 1:1 and concentrating on research and TGF etc etc. I didn’t realise it was that recent you’d stopped – as a newbie to the site there’s still so many things to read! Great idea Micki and really glad you took it up cos we do appreciate you, a lot, and it’s nice to do something when we can.

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