ARG Buffered Vit C Out of Stock

ARG Buffered Vit C cassava source out of stock.

Checked with ND and they advise: the ARG buffered vitamin C cassava source capsules and powder have been out of stock with Nutri-Link for a couple of months now. It is on permanent re-order so as soon as Nutri-Link have it back in stock, so will we. …hoping that it may be back in next week, but won’t know until the delivery arrives.

Meantime, try Twinlabs (sago palm) or Biocare Mg Ascorbate (cassava) instead.

2 Replies to “ARG Buffered Vit C Out of Stock”

  1. It’s actually been out of stock for a lot longer than a couple of months. They keep saying they hope it will be in next week but it hasn’t appeared in ages. I’m getting on fine with Biocare Vit C powder now.

    1. Great, thanks for that feedback. The problem is that ND aren’t told so they can only hope it is the next delivery. Glad Biocare is suiting you, good.

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