The Men Who Made Us Fat BBC Programme

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Note from C today about the BBC programme The Men Who Made Us Fat on Thursday night:

I’ve just finished watching this … did you catch the programme too this evening on BBC2?  I thought it was a good piece of reporting on the history of how we have got to our current processed / fast food culture and very interesting views on research around sugar / fat.  Echoes of what you have been teaching us  .. although I already know you are ahead of your time!! 🙂

 Would like to know your thoughts if you did catch it?

I didn’t as it goes. As I explained to C, sometimes it’s too much like a busman’s holiday to watch food/nutrition progs on telly after a day of talking about it non-stop! I hope to catch up with it soon, though. You can watch it on IPlayer (follow the link above) or your catch-up service. This first episode was about high fructose corn syrup and I believe the next one is about supersizing and promotional tactics airing on 21st June.

Did any of you see it? Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Micki – yes I watched the program – in fact I have watched it twice as there was so much information to take in. As a nutritionist myself I was already aware of corn syrup and its dangers but it was really interesting to find out about where it all began and how it is massively affecting the health of the American nation and no doubt the UK population as well.
    I hadn\’t realised the addictive quality of this sweetener nor did I realise that they put more corn syrup into the products to increase the addictive quality so that they sell more of the product containing it.
    Nothing surprises me about the food industry. I think those who know what they are doing and are having a detrimental affect on everyone\’s health should be locked up and the key thrown away. I hate the fact that the general public are just pawns in the game, especially those who are ill informed and trust those who prepare our food.
    My general rule of thumb has always been eat as near to nature as possible and if your ancestors didn\’t eat it then you shouldn\’t either. As a recent \”gluten sufferer\” I have had to completely rethink my own diet and although it has been hard it has taught me so much about myself and my own health, and I have woken up to the fact that although my ancestors ate bread it wasn\’t the soft airy bread we can buy in the supermarkets today!!!
    I am constantly learning – nutrition is just one of those subjects that is never ending- you never know all there is to know about it – there is always something new around the corner. I love it!

    1. Absolutely right, Janet, I learn something new everyday – and get depressed every day too reading such nonsense as this in our foods. No wonder people struggle. STILL haven’t watched it but did discuss it with someone today, so close! Thanks for commenting. I think HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is a bigger issue in America than it is here probably as corn is used ubiquitously there, but it is certainly making it into lots of our foods here too so we’re not that far behind.

  2. I have seen the first 2 episodes. The 3 and final episode has been postponed to 12th July because Andy Murry’s match last week went on so long!

    It’s not bad. It sadly stops short at really poking the finger, but it should be enough to get people thinking. Especially things like; there is as much sugar in a 12oz glass of apple juice as the same size glass of Cola. I think I remembered the size correctly, but that’s not the main point. The HFCS is worse in the USA. We don’t allow it’s use in foods made here. But of course if they are imported….

    The super sizing episode makes you feel really sick. Sick at how we are manipulated. It’s well worth a watch and I’ve recommended it to a few friends who are starting to show interest in the subject but who aren’t necessarily ready for my full blown ranting 🙂

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