Eat Almonds For Breakfast

“If you have a sudden urge for something sweet in the middle of the day to raise lagging energy levels, try eating almonds for breakfast – they should help keep you going for longer, a new study has discovered. Almonds – a low glycemic food – help make you feel full for longer, and keep blood glucose levels down, say researchers from Purdue University.” Source

Absolutely true. In fact, I eat nuts for breakfast every day as either nut-topped crumble or nut muffins with seeds. I would advise it is a good idea to vary your nuts around a bit. You can easily use whole or ground walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts as well as almonds. You can buy ground almonds, of course, but it is often better and cheaper to just blitz nuts in a processor to keep them nice and fresh.

Here is my nut crumble recipe for you; I have this for breakfast, snacks and pud, anytime I’m hungry basically!

Crumble rhubarb Français : Crumble à la rhubarbe
Crumble rhubarb Français : Crumble à la rhubarbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breakfast Crumble

This is great if you fancy something to top your breakfast yogurt or fruit. Mix some ground almonds or pecans with some grapeseed oil and agave syrup, or another sweetener of your choice, until it combined into lumps. Spread it on a tray and put it in the oven for 10 minutes to crunch up. It makes a kind of crumbly topping, if you like.

Store it in a tightly-covered bowl in the fridge and use in a few days, if you can last that long. Sprinkle some over yogurt and berries/fruit and you could even add some flaked almonds or other nuts and seeds for good measure. Delicious, high protein, low GL, and easy.

TIP: You could use any ground nuts or seeds to make a similar crumble. Try walnuts, coconut and dried fruit like blueberries or cranberries by simply grinding the nuts first, then processing in the coconut and berries to make crumbs. This makes a fab dessert too, especially if you press it into a dish and pop fruit slices and yogurt on top – a mini cheescake/fruit tart thing!

TIP: If you add a little arrowroot powder and an egg to this mixture as you are processing it, push it firmly into a prepared baking pan and then bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes, it will hold together a bit more. Cut into slices – very useful for lunchboxes or snacks.

TIP: If you are worried about candida and sweetness, don’t forget you can use xylitol (eg Zylosweet) which doesn’t affect candida. As this is a powder, you would need a little extra oil or liquid of some kind to make the crumble go crumbly, if you see what I mean!

This recipe is actually from my TrulyGlutenFree Breakfasts book for my gluten and grain  sensitive people, but you may find it useful if you want more nut/seed, high protein recipes like my Nut Muffins, Honey Nut Granola etc.

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