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I just received a notice that Nutrigold’s excellent aloe vera juice is on 20% off offer until end of April at £18 instead of £22. This is the only aloe I recommend (except for Trulyglutenfree – ers, although I am checking this out currently). I have tried many aloes over time but this one is the only one that consistently works for patients.

Golden Aloe Vera (Whole-leaf concentrate)Here is the blurb on it for you:

Golden Aloe – 1 litre.  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

In the UK more and more people are using Aloe Vera as an effective digestive aid. Yet so few people really know that a good quality aloe vera offers the consumer so much more.  Also how many of us really know what to look for when selecting a truly effective Aloe Vera product.

We feel that the natural advantages that our highly biologically active, whole-leaf Aloe Vera juice delivers, makes our Golden Aloe the natural choice for all leading health professionals and informed members of the public.

So what makes our whole leaf Golden Aloe the natural choice for people wanting a high quality biologically active potent Aloe Vera product?

We believe it’s our insistence in attention to every little detail.  At Nutrigold we start by using only the very highest quality aloe vera plants. Once carefully selected the plant then goes through a unique and unrivalled manufacturing process ensuring that the natural benefits of the whole leaf juice are retained in our finished product, whilst also carefully removing the unwanted aloin. To do this the aloe is divided into two parts – the gel and the outer rind – and processed in two separate streams. In this method the aloe solids coming from the gel are spared from depredation of their biological activity. Only the solids coming from the rind of the leaf are subjected to the (very necessary) aloin removal process. This breakthrough in processing technology also provides a gentler type of de-aloinising,  again conserving more biological activity.  The result is a richer aloe vera that retains an amazing level of natural biological activity and potency.  Golden Aloe is one of the first Aloe Vera products of its type to combine the optimal properties of both the inner gel and the outer-leaf of the Aloe Vera plant, giving the consumer all of the benefits of this incredible plant in a single highly biologically active, naturally concentrated form, making it a most cost effective way of delivering an effective level of Aloe Vera on a daily basis.

Four great reasons why Golden Aloe is the natural choice

  1. We know that many products on the market are made from reconstituted dried Aloe Vera powder, which we feel is far less effective than using a carefully harvested biologically active Aloe Vera liquid extract that has never been concentrated or dried.
  2. We only select the very finest quality, organically grown, Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera plants for the manufacture of our whole-leaf Golden Aloe.
  3. We always process the freshly harvested leaves within a few hours of their harvesting, as long delays in this process can negatively affect the biological activity of the finished product.
  4. We always use whole-leaf Aloe Vera, not just the inner gel, as the whole leaf naturally delivers all the goodness associated with the inner gel, whilst also delivering much greater levels of the all important polysaccharide fractions (whole-leaf naturally contains 2-4 times more  polysaccharides than the inner gel alone). This fact is important to know when you are selecting your aloe product as these solids are associated with the overall biological activity of the Aloe Vera plant, however the way they are harvested and processed is even more important.  We also use the latest technology to achieve a less harsh extraction process, allowing us to process both the inner and outer part of the leaf without dramatically reducing the products overall biological action.

This is a natural product and its appearance and taste may vary from batch to batch.

Check it out and stock up to save money!

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