Pesticides Wreck Male Fertility

A recent study suggests that pesticides on fruit and veg could be doing untold damage to male fertility.  Thirty out of thirty-seven crop chemicals tested were found to interfere with the action of testosterone, critical to reproduction and male health.

Experts worry that a lack of testosterone can lead to feminising unborn boys, raising their risk of reproductive defects at birth and to low sperm counts and testicular cancer later in life.

The study for the European Commission was carried out by University of London School of Pharmacy.  Professor Andreas Kortenkamp said in a Daily Mail report that, although manufacturers follow the law, the law does NOT require pesticides to be tested for their effects on hormones.  Chem Trust added that as pregnant women and boys are told to eat lots of fruit and veg it is vital that the testing of pesticides includes their effects as hormone disrupters, which it seems is currently not always part of the testing process.

Check here for the Best & Worst pesticide fruit and veg. My advice is always to make your top 5-10 fruit and veg items organic (and therefore pesticide-free) and that way you will naturally lower your chemical intake massively.

3 Replies to “Pesticides Wreck Male Fertility”

  1. Not surprising at all!
    Thanks for putting this in such a concise and understandable format.
    People need to be aware of what is in our foods.
    Frightening, but not surprising.

    1. Not much surprises me nowadays unfortunately gmomj. The real surprise will be if we DON’T keep finding more and more adverse reactions coming from the chemicals we spray on out food! Thanks for stopping by.

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