How’re You Doin?

(‘Friends’ fans will get the Joey reference there). Actually it’s six months now into the year so I just wondered how you were doing on your new year’s resolutions? Have you forgotten them, achieved some of them or are you still working on some? It’s a good idea to look or think back to the start of the new year now and see what you planned. Plans don’t always work out, of course, but the process of evaluating what you want out of life is always good so take time this month to do it.

My stated aims were: (read here if you want to read the full post:

  1. To do 10 minutes exercise every day in an attempt to get fitter. (All this sitting down at the computer is giving me what’s commonly termed ‘Writer’s Bottom’ although it seems to be spreading to my stomach too – aargh!!). How have I got on? We have built a gym in the garage and I am not doing it every day, but a heck of a lot more than I was so that’s progress. Need to do more.
  2. Write a 10 minute exercise book. Done and many of you love it. See here:
  3. Make more soup. Haven’t. Naughty.
  4. Drink more green tea. Have. Very good.
  5. Finish Sparkle training course. Working on it. BIG project. Will be part of the new website eventually.
  6. Write Allergy book. Nope. Not started. See 5 above for reason why.
  7. Write lot more factsheets. Yes, and a lot of free downloadable articles which you seem to be enjoying. Good girl. There will be many more coming this year once No 5 is done. See here for current ones:
  8. Launch eshop for downloadable books, factsheets and tests. Yes. Although admit Philip did much of the inputting of test info for me. He has a knack for doing repetitive work without going nutty (unlike me!). Thanks Philip. See 7 to go to the shop.

Personal ones I didn’t mention originally included to grow more of my own veg. Started. Concentrate on sorting my own health out. Started, hence the coeliac diagnosis.

All in all, I’m not doing too badly. Pat on the back for me. What about you? Remember that saying – if you stay on the same path you will get where you are going (or something like that, but you get the point). Get off the path and change direction if you don’t like where you’re heading. One step at a time will make a massive difference. Just do it. End of lecture.

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