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Once every couple of months, I get the new product catalogue from Goodness Foods which tells me new products that have been launched. Goodness Foods is a great mail order/online company which tends to specialise in special diet foods and non-toxic toiletries. They also do a good organic fruit, veg, fish, meat box scheme, and have just introduced a new salad leaves range.

Anyway, here is my occasional run down of new and interesting products. Go here to read ingredients etc or purchase. Simply search for the items to find them.

Suncoat Non-Toxic Hair Spray, Gel and Mousse

I have been looking for a range of hair styling products for ages and then along comes this range. Not tried it but worth a peek. Based on sugar polymers rather than plastics.

Gluten and Dairy Free Cheesecake

Mamma Cucina have brought out strawberry and mango/passion fruit frozen cheesecakes suitable for those of us avoiding gluten and dairy. Sure, it will have additives in it and you could make one yourself cheaper, but these frozen versions might fit the bill for desperation time. Based on soya, they do contain carageenan so watch out if you are avoiding those. Most cheesecakes I’ve looked at have looked a bit awful ingredient-wise, but this one’s not bad for a treat.

Clearspring Organic Fruit Puree Pots

Not new, but I spotted them and thought I’d mention them as I find these really useful. It comes as a pack of two organic fruit purees in lots of different flavours like Apple & Strawberry, my fave: Apple & Blueberry, or Pear & Banana etc. Nothing else is added; they are pure organic fruit puree.

They remind me a bit of baby food, but actually I often use half a pot stirred into my rice porridge or soya yogurt if I have run out of fresh fruit. Good snack is to sprinkle in some seeds and nuts and eat it from the pot! (You can get these in the supermarkets too; I have got them from Sainsbury’s before now in the jam/pots of fruit section.  

You can even make a sort-of sorbet or lolly from them. Simply peel off the lid, stand a lolly stick into it and freeze for a hot day. (To release it from the pot when ready to eat, either let it sit for a bit or run hot water around the pot to melt it.

Hope you enjoy them. Also, always remember that Foods Matter does a regular freefrom food tasting and can give great ideas for specific foods you are looking for. They have also just had the freefrom food awards and when I get a chance I shall give you the highlights. If you can’t wait, go here. (I just noticed actually that the Rizopia pasta I hated got first prize in the pasta section – I must have cooked it wrong as I suspected!!)

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