Purehealth – Past, Present and Future

Can you believe it is 12 years since I started Purehealth, 7 years since we had the clinic in Lytham St Annes and 2 years since we moved from Uppermill and started in Warwick and as a virtual clinic?!! Time flies, as they say… I couldn’t believe that when I thought about it; it feels like just a minute has gone by.

I am so pleased that I hear from a great many of you regularly and we continue to help when you need us. Bonus of living in a technological world!  Obviously, I see patients face to face in Warwick, but I hope you are also finding the phone and email consultations work well; I think you must be as you keep booking.

Looking at the stats since we started a new recording system about 6 years ago, between Philip and I, we have conducted just short of 5,000 consultations and treatments in those six years! That’s about 70 per month. Personally, my total is around 3,250 (or 45 a month) – not bad for someone who does a job they love and manages a great work/life balance – something we should all be aiming for.

It struck me when I was working those figures out, that that is a LOT of experience and knowledge!  It set me thinking (as usual) about how I could best communicate that knowledge to as many as possible before I lose my marbles, both so more people can keep and get well and to keep me and P in tequilas for evermore (or pay the mortgage anyway..)

So, I’m planning a revamp!  The first thing you’ll see is a new look website with the blog and a shop integrated into it instead of stuff being a bit all over the place as it is at the minute. I am also hoping to add some other features like an online health assessment and instant Q&A from the site – if I can work out how! I hope to offer much of the info for free, or by donation if you find it useful, but will also write more ebooks, factsheets and courses for purchase. Not sure how it will work yet.

Many of you have said how you would love me to teach the Sparkle wellbeing programme again. For those of you who didn’t experience it, it is a step-by-step DIY health programme that takes you through a series of tasks to help change your diet, detox bowel and liver, sort out health conditions, improve digestion, absorption etc, address lifestyle, time and stress issues – even down to what colours work best in which rooms to help moods, what plants absorb toxins in the air and loads more besides. It is the basis of everything I do naturopathically-speaking to help patients in-clinic.

As well as teaching it directly, I have decided to offer it as an online course with audio and video seminars, tasks and resources you can download weekly or at your own pace – with built in email support. How does that sound?

It will take me a good while to build it, but hopefully it will mean I can then pass on my knowledge to more people than I can physically see face to face. I plan also to offer it as ebooks and printed modules for those of you who prefer less techy DIY  formats. Only worry I have is who’s going to want to see my ugly mug on a video? I shall have to prepare a disguise!!


I have my own ideas about what people might like, but I would love your opinions on how we’ve been doing and what you would like to see in the future. So, I have prepared a mini survey – it will only take a couple of minutes if you would like to give me some feedback, please click 


and complete it. Or email me as always, of course. Thanks. I shall let you know the results next month. Exciting times – and I’m glad you’re still with me for the ride!

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