Welcome to April!

Hello! Sorry I’m a bit late with the newsletter this month (thanks to those of you who prompted me; I don’t know where the time’s gone already in April!) Hope you had a lovely Easter and pigged out on all that lovely healthy chocolate. I actually forgot to get any for myself so I bought myself an azalea plant instead, but luckily one of you (take a bow, Wendy) made me some gorgeous dairy-free truffles and I managed to save some for Easter, but only just. I have asked Wendy for the recipe so watch this space.

Meantime, I have been busy with clinic work and writing as usual. I finished the series of articles about rice and arsenic and you can read them all here. Suffice to say I had great fun testing all the alternative milk recipes and the freezer is now choc-full of all manner of weird and wonderful concoctions, most of which I’m happy to say are delicious. Make sure you try the Horchata recipe made from tiger nuts, which was my favourite. If you don’t know what I’m talking about there, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Have a go.

I am proud to announce too that I have become an Aunt. Well, an Agony Aunt, anyway! Foods Matter, the food allergy company have launched a ‘freefrom toxic chemicals’ skin site at www.skinsmatter.com and I am on hand to answer some of the questions. Have a peek. It’s full of fascinating information about eczema, acne, rosacea etc and gives you tons of links to places where you can find non-toxic skincare. I am happy to be involved as you know how I feel about the nasties in our toiletries!

Anyway, Benjamin has decided to come and sit on the laptop at this precise moment so it must be time for a cup of green tea until he moves. I never have the heart to shift him…

…Back now. He’s gone. Here’s the rest of the newsletter, starting with a load of recipe ideas and including two special reports, the first on the safest mobile phones to buy and the second on whether supplements are necessary or not . Enjoy, let me have any comments as usual and have a lovely April.

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