Ordering From Natural Dispensary – Phone, Online or Via Me

Now I’m no longer racing to the post office every day, I’ve got a bit more time to help you with your ordering! You can continue to call or order online as usual but, if you prefer, you can now call, email or text me with what you need and I will order from Natural Dispensary for you.

I simply give them your name, numbers and order details and they then call you for payment and to arrange delivery. This is the system I already use for the Heels remedies and it works well. Hopefully, it should save you some time in your busy lives and you should get what you need swiftly!

I’ve also clarified some other ordering tips with them for you.

  1. Not everything is on the website yet so it’s best to call them or go through me. If it’s not an item they have been asked for before, they will get it in asap, put it on the website and have some spares so next time it should be in ready for you. That’s the beauty of using a bespoke company…
  2. Sometimes, products change or get discontinued. In this instance, they will inform me and I advise which product I want you to have instead. This is vital because not all products are the same, despite being called the same things on the label! Please don’t guess.
  3. If you are ordering online and can’t see something, need something else you’ve forgotten, or simply have a query, you can add a note in the special instructions to merchant box at the end. They will then call you to advise/arrange delivery and payment. Alternatively, you can always email michael.hill@naturaldispensary.co.uk and he will sort you out. Or contact me, of course.
  4. Some orders went walkabout recently which is the result of the post office action. However, if you haven’t received your order within 3 days of ordering, simply call Natural Dispensary and they will resend it for you. If the original parcel turns up, they will send you a return bag.

Hope all that helps. If in doubt, contact me or Michael Hill. Thanks.

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