A Bright Idea? I Think Not…

Lastly, this quote I read recently made me laugh, although it’s not really a laughing matter:

“In answer to a question in Parliament by MP David Davies about how to safely dispose of a broken fluorescent light bulb, the House of Commons Commission said people should put on a protective mask and gloves, ventilate the room, place the bulb in a sealed sturdy box with a damp cloth in the box to stop it breaking,  seal with tape and take to waste disposal contractor!”

Well, there you have it. No wonder the government has seen fit to make sure we all have to buy non-traditional lightbulbs for our homes from 1st September. You couldn’t make it up, could you? Safe until they’re broken it seems. I am looking into how we might be able to get round having to use them – let me know if you have had any bright ideas (geddit?! God, I’m too good at this…)

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