One of the main ways we know to reduce inflammation is to give the right oils. For reasons too complicated to go into, this is because it stops the production of inflammatory compounds in the body. I was reading up about pain, though, the other day and came across some research on curcumin (or turmeric as you and I know it – the yellow powder they stick in curries!). Apparently, they haven’t really worked out why fully yet, but the spice is thought to work by affecting some of the enzymes needed by the body to produce inflammation. Some experts say that so far curcumin exhibits the widest range of anti-inflammatory actions of any known substance. That’s some claim!


Intrigued, I have started looking at it. Apparently there are best ways to take it as it is not easily absorbed and it is best combined with other things. So, I shall report back as soon as I can so all of you with arthritic and muscle pain can try it. In the meantime, keep adding a teaspoon of turmeric to your brown rice, into soups, stews and anywhere else you can think of. It’s great for the liver too!


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