Weleda Skin Food – The Supermodels’ Secret!

Ok, what’s just £5.95 and is the favourite moisturiser of super models Helena Christensen and Erin O Connor, singers Rihanna and Joss Stone and actresses Winona Ryder and Brooke Shields? You guessed it – simple old Skin Food!


It is basically a very rich vegetarian organic cream especially good for dry patches anywhere on the body, but is described by those who use it as their secret to really nourish their face skin too. It has recently been featured in Elle, Vogue and Harpers & Queen no less and is becoming a bit of a cult item. Not bad for just under six quid – normally cult items are seriously expensive. Of course, she says smugly, I have been stocking it for ages, although I have to confess I haven’t really recommended it as a face cream, more of a skin sorter-outer, if you know what I mean?! So, try it as a face cream if yours is out of sorts and on the dry side – if you can get some, of course! First come, first served!

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