An Aspirin A Day…?

A recent item in the papers suggested that the over 50s should be taking one aspirin a day to protect their heart. I have been asked about this a few times so here is my response. I think it is unnecessary and smacks of mass medication. The reason it is being suggested is to keep the blood thin and avoid clotting. However, there are also some suggestions that aspirin is not the be-all and end-all medicine that it has been painted over the years and some experts feel there is actually an increased risk of stroke in some people, especially for those over 75.


You simply need to know that Vitamin E (Total E, not simple vitamin E) and Fish Oils will do an excellent job of keeping the blood flowing nicely, without the possible problems of aspirin. But as always the best is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle – no drug should be a substitute for us doing that!

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